Developing with Eclipse

We are developing ALIA4J using the Eclipse IDE. Therefore, both tooling and development process are very much influenced by Eclipse. This guide explains which Eclipse plug-ins we require or recommend and how to set up your Eclipse environment, so to follow our development process and conventions.

Eclipse IDE (required)

As mentioned above, we use the Eclipse IDE. We therefore suggest that you download the most recent release of Eclipse 3.x (as of this writing: 3.7.1). Of the packages offered, the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers package is a good choice. Please note that, when choosing a different package, you may need to install additional plug-ins that we assume to be installed already.

Please also note that some of the plug-ins we are using require certain versions of Eclipse. We suggest to use the most recent versions of all plug-ins. But if you experience incompatibilities, you might want to fall back to version that works with Eclipse 3.7.1.